You may wonder how these Learning Guides came to be published here.  This set came into my hands about forty years ago.  Unfortunately, I don’t know their origin.  I have used them over the years in small group settings with real spiritual growth for all who were attending.  From time to time, I have made changes that I hope will bring greater clarity. 

Since I have experienced such blessings in small groups, I hope you will use them also in a similar way.  Each participant can read a Scripture passage.  The group may reflect upon, and explore the meaning of the passage as it relates to the topic.  This fellowship around God’s holy Word will bring the Holy Spirit for joy, happiness, and hope into your lives.

I have been a pastor, missionary, and administrator.  And, my years of tarrying in this present world are now limited.  It is my hope and prayer that you will be blessed with the fellowship of His Holy Spirit even more than I have been.